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The Value of Wood Flooring

Flooring options require thorough research and consultation with your builder, knowing for a fact that floors do take a lot of visible space in the house and that means you have to base your final choice of flooring material on your priority budget, practical value of the material, including its design style. Know, too, that each kind of surface material has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Wood flooring has over many advantages than the other types of flooring, a proven and tested material which has lasted for more than a century. The great reward, which one can benefit from wood flooring, is its durability and longevity and with regular maintenance and repair, this material will even outlive the owners. Solid wood is by far the best wood material since it does not serve as breeding ground for mold, mildew, or dust mites, therefore, non-allergenic, and the special warmth it provides to the room is comforting. Regular vacuuming and mopping will help the wood floors stay fresh and clean.

You have a choice between pre-finished or unfinished solid or hardwood floor materials. The pre-finished solid material is usually a popular choice because it does not require sanding or drying and all you need to do is immediately install it, which is time-saving. Further, floor varnish and lacquer will only take less than a day to coat the solid wood. Some homeowners prefer the unfinished wood because, coming from the recommendation of their installers, this material gives a better overall and uniform seal, which is needed to guard against the arch enemy of wooden floors – moisture.

There are many choices of solid wood to choose from: red and white oak, American cherry, hard maple, Brazilian cherry or Jatoba. While both red and white oak are easy to install, it is the red oak which is the easier to saw and nail, better than the white oak. A better and excellent choice is hard maple because of its outstanding abrasion-resistant surface. Others prefer American cherry because it can be used for making cabinets as well as a good floor material. Choosing Brazilian cherry or Jatoba wood can be expensive, but this material can guarantee that your flooring will last almost a lifetime since it is harder than mahogany, as well as its burgundy color adds a luxuriant effect on the room.

Sometimes, consultation with the professional installers are helpful as they can provide you more information on your prior concerns on the kind of wood to choose, such concerns as sustaining everyday traffic at home, easy maintenance, and which wood stains should be used. An important advice is to also install what is called a moisture barrier, a small space between the subfloor and the main flooring area for added protection.

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